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Import and commercialization of    complete solutions for the laboratory area


Enzifarma S.A. is a leading company operating in the health sector, namely in the import and commercialization of complete solutions for the laboratory area, adapted to our customers' needs. These solutions are based not only on offering cutting edge products and equipment but also on providing installation, training, assistance and technical support services.


As we always strive to offer our customers the most innovative and creative methods, products and services, we split our offer in three main areas:


Enzifarma S.A. has implemented and will respect all the recommendations issued by DGS (Portuguese National Health Services) aiming to contain the spread of COVID-19, namely by offering their employees the option of working remotely.


Despite all our efforts, and as expected, we may have some limitations both in the reception and 

dispatch of goods, as in service. However, our entire team is committed to minimize all difficulties. We are grateful for all your cooperation and understanding.

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