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Flow Cytometry and Cell Separation

In this area, we represent BD Biosciences™ , leader for decades in Research and Development of flow cytometers and reagents with a wide range of solutions in the area of ​​cells and cell separation, complementing diagnosis and monitoring therapy. Known for quality and innovation, it also has a wide portfolio of equipment that adapts to your needs. From research to diagnosis, from multiomics to sample preparation, share your goal with us and we will help you find the equipment that best suits your needs.

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The EuroFlow European Consortium, in order to standardize 8-color antibody panels for the diagnosis and follow-up of leukemias and lymphomas, published the articles Leukemia (2012) 26, 1908–1975; doi: 10.1038 / leu.2012.120 and Leukemia (2012) 26, 1986–2010; doi: 10.1038 / leu.2012.122. The Consortium indicated the use of equipment, software and reagents, in which BD Biosciences™ stands out, due to the quality of its products for the differentiated diagnosis of various types of pathologies.


In this area, we highlight our extensive experience in monitoring HIV patients, namely in the counting of CD4 + T lymphocytes, with high importance in the therapeutic orientation.


Finally, BD Biosciences™ has a vast portfolio in the area of ​​research, from proliferation, viability and cell death, to the analysis and quantification of soluble cytokines, through a wide range of multicolor solutions, with different clones conjugated to various fluorochromes . Additionally, it also provides conjugated monoclonal antibodies ( Custom Reagents ) to the researchers as needed for their experiments.


Known for the quality and innovation of its equipment, BD Biosciences™ has a vast portfolio adaptable to your needs. From research to diagnosis, from analysis to cell separation, through sample preparation, share your goal with us so that we can help you find the equipment that best suits you!

From the company Cytomark, we commercialize the product TransFix®, a cell and cell-antigen stabilization solution that prevents cell degradation in human or animal blood, cerebrospinal fluid, lymph nodes, bone marrow, circulating tumor cells, cell free RNA and in isolation of exosomes, among other types of samples.

We represent BD Biosciences™ .

World leader in equipment and reagents for flow cytometry,   in the field of in vitro diagnostics (IVD) and research reagents (RUO), with a wide range of solutions in cell multiparametric analysis.

In addition, we have established distribution agreements with international manufacturers, such as Cytomark, Syntec International, exBio, Immunostep, and Cederlane Labs.

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