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Derrame pleural em mulher com carcinoma da mama





We offer innovative and/ or conventional equipment from the pre-analytical phase to the Anatomical Pathology (AP) laboratory. From reagents, dyes, histochemistry kits to file systems - a  portfolio for complete solutions.

With our partners Milestone, Bio-Optica and Biocare Medical, we are able to offer laboratories technological innovation, rapid diagnosis and traceability in all phases of the AP process.

A complete solution
Fase Pré-Analítica

Pre-Analytical Phase


We offer different solutions for the transport and monitoring of samples without exposure to formaldehyde: Safety device with closed circuit, in accordance with European Regulation 605/2014.


For biopsies : Klessidra and FormSafe;

For larger parts : TissueSAFE Plus , SealSAFE and UltraSAFE.

With these solutions (approved with CE IVD marking), the quality and preservation of the parts is guaranteed until the laboratory/ control of the pre-analytical phase.

We represent Milestone, Bio-optica and Biocare Medical.

Partners with a commitment to Quality, Trust, Innovation and Precision in Pathological Anatomy. Including solutions that allow greater laboratory/ hospital productivity with cost reduction, while preserving the quality of diagnosis.

Biocare Medical offers an innovative and global solution, with instruments for automation with a complete portfolio, for IHC laboratory testing.

Logotipo da Milestone
Logotipo da Bio-optica
Milestone MacroPATH
Bio-Optica MGG Quick Stain
Bio-Optica Klessidra
Milestone SealSAFE
Bio-Optica Embedding station-cold plate BCP170

If you want to receive samples or more information about any of our products, please fill out our contact form, indicating which products you are interested in:

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