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Genomics, Cell Biology, Cell Growth and Differentiation and    Drug Discovery

We work with leading brands as well as innovative emerging brands, with guaranteed quality and guarantee that drive technological advances in life science research. We offer a wide range of techniques, tools and solutions in the areas of genomics, cell biology, cell growth and differentiation as well as in the development of new drugs.

A complete solution
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Corning® offers small laboratory equipment and solutions for all stages of cell growth and differentiation, from a wide range of cells.


Corning®-Falcon® - BioCoat™ - Matrigel® - CoolCell® - CoolBox™ - CoolRack


For cell culture, our product range extends from high-quality Corning® Falcon® disposable plastic material , through differentiated surfaces, culture media and extracellular matrices to innovative 3D culture systems that mimic the ideal environment for cell growth and differentiation allowing the development of cellular behaviors and functionality similar to those in vivo.

We represent Corning-Falcon, Takara Bio Inc, ibidi and ABDOS.


High quality material for cell culture, functional tests of cell microscopy, molecular biology and material for general laboratory consumption.

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If you want to receive samples or more information about any of our products, please fill out our contact form, indicating which products you are interested in:

Ibidi - 12 well chamber removable
ABDOS Pipette Tips
Corning-Falcon Reagents
Corning CoolBox
Takara Bio Inc Next Generation Sequencing
Corning-Falcon Cell Culture
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