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Enzifarma S.A. is a leading Portuguese company operating in niche healthcare segments, namely in the import and commercialization of state-of-the-art solutions for the laboratory area, considered a PME Líder '20 with Quality Control

in compliance with ISO 9001:2015

Founded in 1996, with headquarters in Lisbon and warehouse operation in the Porto region, where there is also an office that offers administrative support

in the commercialization, storage and dispatch processes.

The main customers of Enzifarma S.A. are Public Hospitals, Private Clinics,

Laboratories and Universities.


We consider our mission to know how to be rigorous and efficient with us and our suppliers, as a way to achieve and maintain a leadership position in the quality of the products and services provided, for a better satisfaction of our customers, shareholders, society and all interested parties, namely the companies we represent. Thus, we strive to understand, satisfy and anticipate customers' needs, building with them a strong and stable relationship. In organizational terms, the company operates according to a business area strategy, and a cross-logic of marketing and product applicability (technical-scientific).

For these reasons, our culture is based on five main values:

Enzifarma - mission and culture

Registada na Conserv. Lisboa com o n.º 11925

NIF: 503 636 975  |  CAE: 46762 Rev 3

Capital Social: 500.000 EUR


The companies by us represented are equally interested in the success of our customers.

For that reason, Enzifarma S.A. is fully committed to:


Represent them effectively and develop their image in Portugal;

Ensure the marketing of their products, implementing Marketing Plans and provide all logistical support (storage and distribution) for this purpose;

Ensure compliance with Good Distribution Practices in the development of its activities;

Provide the represented companies with all necessary information, providing access to their facilities for visits and quality audits, as applicable;

Guarantee the professionalism and competence of its human resources.

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