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Enzifarma S.A. has an Applications Department, composed of technicians with extensive experience to help and assist its customers implementing new protocols or clarifying any doubts or technical questions that might arise.

In order to guarantee the correct functioning of the equipment that we sell, Enzifarma S.A. also has a Technical Support Department. Our technicians, in partnership with the technicians of our represented companies, guarantee a service of excellent, in order to make the customer feel accompanied, confident and safe, since the problem is flagged until it is solved. We also have warranty extension contracts that, after the end of the warranty period for your equipment, allow you to keep it within the manufacturer's specifications and reduce the eventual need for corrective maintenance, as well as eliminate surprises with repair budgets. This way, quality, efficiency and speed are guaranteed throughout the whole technical support process.

Count on us as a reliable partner, always available to help you.

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